How to be grateful

The key to a happy life is knowing how to be grateful. Seems so simple, right? But it is harder than you think. One thing to say you are and another to truly feel it. It is easy for our brain to make habits. When we choose to see the negative side, we make a […]

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Surviving quarantine

Hello reader! Crazy world we live in these days huh? So I have been having some changes in my life last couple of months. I am back home in Sweden from The Netherlands where I worked as an Au Pair for three months. The plan was to stay there till July, but given the circumstances […]

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Never Enough

I feel never enough. It all started from the beginning of the school years. I remember my friends being so ambitious in school, they learned how to read faster than me, got better grades than me and just were so much better than me. I felt never enough. (Much) Later I started taking school more […]

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Okay, where do I start. I am not doing well right now. My year started off with me leaving my comfort zone and starting a big adventure. I moved from Sweden to the Netherlands to become an Au Pair. I was super excited. I felt unstoppable, I was so motivated to start this year right […]

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2020 Glow Up Challenge

Soo this decade is soon to be over, which means we have a whole new fresh page waiting for us! I suggest we leave 2019 with all its´problems and step into 2020 with a positive and healthy mindset 🙂 Glow up 2020 let´s go! – Exercising. You already know it. Exercising regulary will make you […]

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Crisis to Progress

I wanted to write this post a month ago, but just couldn´t find the right words, but now I´ve got them. Big changes have been happening in my life lately. I think I needed time to feel lost, it motivated me to escape from it and find my way back on track. One day at […]

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Life Crisis 6,904

Hey reader, it´s been a while. In this post I will explain my dramatic title and hopefully it will help me somehow 🙂 Let’s begin with July 11th, had an amazing day with friends in Lithuania. A little bit of partying and other stuff involved. The same day I was going to find out whether […]

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I want to tell you something

I want to tell you something. A while ago. After four days of working, I was officialy off to the weekend. I was sitting in my balcony, listening to music in my headphones, cuddled up with a blanket, staring at young night sky. It was painted in thousands shades of blue. The wind was so […]

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Soundtrack of my Life

We all have songs that are just made for us and somehow they manage to bring back the momeries. Is it the lyrics that hit us hard in the right moments? Or maybe just songs you always come back to. But either way here is my Soundtrack of my Life! Muse – Supermassive Black Hole […]

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